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At Ruwe Pit we train people like you to get the best out of themselves and others.

Do you also ask yourself:

  • Why do people act the way they do?
  • What’s the Secret to Motivation?
  • How to build better relationships (which are based on mutual trust?)
  • How come there are people who seem to get everything done, even if they don’t do as well as you do?
  • Why it always seems easier for others?
  • What seems to be holding you back?
  • How is it possible that you keep falling into the same pitfalls?
  • Then we are happy to help you find an answer to those questions.

Who is
Ruwe Pit?

Ruwe Pit is Nick van Deudekom’s training agency. But more than that, Raw Pit is what is in you.

The trick is to take out that powerful core of yourself, so that you become stronger, more positive and more effective. In your work and in your private life.

The Story of Raw Kernel

The above questions have intrigued me since my early childhood. My parents had a gym and my brother and I spent countless hours there. We played tag, hung in the rings and lifted weights. We also broke things or did something awkward.

We learned to look at people and why they came to work out with us. Some people would actually come to exercise and achieve their goals, others would soon stay away, or were just there because they were on the run from someone or something.

In that gym of my parents I gained important insights and life lessons, but growing up I still struggled with those questions. Why were others so creative, did they have so many friends, and did they all go so well?

It was only during my training as a gym teacher that I discovered that others were also insecure, doubted themselves and did not always know what they wanted or where they were going.

This further increased my attention to personal development, communication, conviction and influence. I didn’t know it then, but I took the first steps towards discovering the raw kernel in myself and the people around me.

Along the way I learned 4 important lessons that still underlie my view of life and work:

  • As a human you are incredibly powerful and you have immeasurable potential.
  • You have a unique blueprint of your own that both empowers and hinders you.
  • As a person you are naturally positive and full of good intentions.
  • You deep down you know very well what to do, but you don’t always do what you know because you have to learn more first.

All your talent, knowledge and passion is already contained within yourself. Just like your struggles and challenges. That goes for everybody.

With the right attention, love and nourishment, you can look at yourself with new eyes, develop yourself and others, so that we can all use our full potential.

Raw Kernel?

At Ruwe Pit we work personally and directly. Our approach creates trust and we need that to get to the heart of the matter. Everything is aimed at tackling the problems practically and effectively.

That can be fun too. In fact, fun and deepening go hand in hand in our opinion. There must be room for humor, play and competition. Because when you smile, you learn.

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