What you learn in our body language training

  • Insight into your attitude and appearance.
  • Insight into the non-verbal signals that others send out.
  • Presenting yourself powerfully, while staying close to yourself.
  • Using body language to direct conversations.
  • Be more consciously in touch with yourself.

Information transfer through body language

Your body provides a lot of information about your opinion and beliefs in a situation. Whether you want it or not. Because of your gestures, postures and facial expressions and even the way you dress, you tell so much more than you do with words alone!

Body language is an important part to master. It gives you the opportunity to determine whether what you hear someone say, is also what they really mean. Or, vice versa, whether your own body language matches what you’re trying to say.

Body language: a powerful way of communicating

Learning about body language is therefore an important part of our communication training.

Because it is such a powerful way to better understand others and get your own message across effectively. The goal is to make you aware of the non-verbal signals from yourself and others.

You cannot not communicate. That is one of the oldest lessons from the studies of communication. Body language is one of the most important parts of this.

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