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Jeroen Maan

Industry director BAM Bouw en Vastgoed BV

“I got to know Nick during a core values session. Nick brings coherence between the substantive program and active breaks.

He literally and figuratively sets the team in motion and knows how to convert resistance into involvement and pleasure in a short time. We recently worked together to create a fantastic active program for all of our executives. With the aim of translating our ambition, core values and vision for the future into team activities in a playful but very serious way.

The cohesion between the activities, the discussion with each other and the positive reactions afterwards about the team formation, the coming closer together and real attention for each other, have laid a wonderful foundation for a successful basis for our growth plan.”

Sofie Vriends

Program director Healthy,
Safe and Promising Growing Up at NJI

“From the Dutch Youth Institute I asked Nick to be a speaker for the national opening of the week of upbringing.

Due to his extensive knowledge of and work experience with children, parents and education professionals, he knows how to highlight (educational) issues from multiple sides. He ensures a lot of interaction and involvement and regularly puts his audience to work themselves.

In addition, he does not hesitate to make himself vulnerable by also sharing his own experiences as a parent and professional. In short, Nick is a strong speaker who knows how to touch his audience in the head and heart.”


Trainer / coach 😉

“This Rough Pit has given me insight. The combination of my personal goals, the insights from my surroundings / friends and the tools from this inspiring training together give me my route to success.

I have found my Core Qualities, thank you!”

Monique van der Zijde

Program Leader & Development
CSR International Projects | WorldCoaches

“We started an intensive process with Nick from the KNVB WorldCoaches program, in which he was able to complement the existing expertise in our organization from his own expertise.

He knows how to make contact quickly and to set something in motion. In our case, he was able to successfully help teachers develop their own skills and achieve the goals of our program even better.”

Loekie van Laar

Teacher upper secondary school
Rock & Water Trainer MVH

“Nick’s training sessions are inspiring from the very first minute, and have received a lot of energy. You create an enormous sense of security and connection, so important!

Even I dared to fall backwards from the table ……. a crack has formed in my safe cocoon, which makes me feel even better in my own strength.”

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