Facet5 is a science-based personality questionnaire

Facet5 and the scientific basis

The questions are easy to answer and provide important insights for companies and individuals.

Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced personality tests available and is used by organizations and consultancies around the world. 

The goal is always to help individuals, teams and organizations realize their full potential. Facet5 uses a simple model to provide insights into people and their differences in behavior, attitude and motives.

Facet5 scientifically substantiated. The theory is based on the 5 main factors of personality (also called The Big Five).

On the basis of these 5 building blocks of personality, it is possible to make an extensive report of the personality and behavior of employees.

Facet5 is a science-based personality questionnaire


The level of physical energy, alertness, attentiveness and enthusiasm a person has and the extent to which they interact with other people.


The driving force behind the promotion and defense of a person’s own ideas, their level of determination and confrontation.


The extent to which people are trusting, caring and supporting and the importance that they place on relationships with others.


The amount of self-discipline and responsibilty a person has and the level of liking they have for structure and processes.


A measure of the level of tension  and apprehension a person experiences in their everyday life.

With Facet5 we measure these 5 factors accurately and quickly in order to compile an accurate and reliable analysis of individual differences.

Facet5 provides clear answers to important questions such as:

Fast and practical information that you can use further

Facet5 was developed in response to the demand from organizations to provide their employees with the best possible support. The tool is available in 35 different languages and can be used by everyone because no jargon is used.

By making comparisons with industries all over the world, you as an organization obtain a lot of useful information about the performance of your team and your entire company. The goal is of course to come up with better solutions to face challenges and make the most of opportunities.

The result of Facet5 is always a readable report, focused on behavior in work situations. Depending on the question, several forms of the report are available, such as a personal report, a team report and a manual for HR advisors.

Applicable throughout the career

The great thing about Facet5 is that the personality test can be applied simply and effectively throughout the career of employees in your organization. From recruitment to the departure of employees. With insights about the employee, the manager and the organization itself.

Whether you want to integrate a new employee into the organizational culture as well as possible, build a team or improve the organizational culture. Facet5 offers solutions to get more out of your people.

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